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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogy - Known Persons - Alison Bosschaert Biography

Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Known persons

Biography of Alison Bosschaert

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Alison Jo-Anne Caroline Antoinette BOSSCHAERT is born in Perth in West-Australia on 27 August 1961, as the daughter of Anthonie Johannes and Denise Grace SAVVAS.

As ‘Alisa’, her stage-name, Alison was part of various casts:
'Julius Caesar' as Portia,
'The Birthday Party' as Meg,
'The Winslow Boy' as Grace Winslow,
'The Good Doctor' as Julia,
'No No Nanette' as Flora and
'East Lynne' as Barbara Hare.
Her work for the TV encompassed eg. 'The Seagull', where she played the role of Nina.
She made an appearance in 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

1984: "Oxbridge Blues"' (1984) as 'Chrissie' in the episode 1-6 'Sleeps Six'
1985: "Cats Eyes" (1985) as 'Molly Huggins' in episode #1.1 "Goodbye Jenny Wren" on 12 April.
1985: in the series "The Tripods" as Anne in the first episode
1987: "Pulanski" (1987) as 'Sharon' in episode #1.3 "Violence, Love and Ratings" on 16 okt.
1988: "Bellman and True" as ‘Ticket Check-in Clerk'. Also for sale on video in 1988
1990: serie "'Chelmsford 123" (1988) as 'Bornwyn' in the episode #2.5 'The Secret War' on 6 February. It is a humorous TV-serie in 123 AD in Chelmsford, Brittania about the Roman emperor Aulus Paulinus. It is comparable with Fawlty Towers
1990: "Tygo Road" as 'Selina'
1996: in " Human Bomb" a guest-roll as journalist. A true story, also translated as ‘Die Menschliche Bombe' (German). Also for sale on video in 1998
1996: "Dangerfield" (1995) as 'DS Antonia Smart' in the episode #3.10 'Inside Out' on 15 November
1996: "London Suite" as Hotel Assistant, a comedy about a day in an English hotel, with four different stories

1997: "Heartbeat" (1992) as Julie Wilcox' in the episode #7.6 'Fool for Love' on 5 October; a kind of English version of Coronation Street
1997: "La Passion"' as Gillian. A film about a boy whose passion becomes more than just a dream
1998: "The Big Swap" as Barbara, a drama about five couples and a great idea. Also known as 'Let's talk about Sex'
1999: TV-series "The Bill" (1983) as 'Sue Bayliss' in episode #1999.53 on 24 August.
1999: TV-series "Lucy Sullivan is getting married" as 'Women at Flat' in episode #1.1
2000: series " Inspecter Morse" (1987) as "Josie Flynn" in the episode 12.1 'The Remorseful Day' on 15 November
2000: horror-film "'The Calling" as 'Girl's Mother'
2000: "Dr. Babaseheb Ambedkar", a documentary about the social reformer Ambedkar in the period 1901-1956.
2004: "Murder in Suburbia" (2004) as 'Lynn Chichester' in episode #1.2 at 20th of March.

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