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Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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's Gravenhage [ZH, NL]



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHAART, Antonius Johannes  1919's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12303
2 BOSSCHAART, Antonius Mattheus   I12726
3 BOSSCHAART, Carla Jacomina Martina   I12343
4 BOSSCHAART, Cornelia Elisabeth  1919's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12724
5 BOSSCHAART, Cornelis Johannes Wilhelmus  1893's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12285
6 BOSSCHAART, Francisca Katherina Maria   I12736
7 BOSSCHAART, Gijsbertha Margaretha   I12752
8 BOSSCHAART, Hendrika Wilhelmina   I12304
9 BOSSCHAART, Louis Anton Johannes  1916's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12723
10 BOSSCHAART, Mathilda Margriet   I12344
11 BOSSCHAART, Petrus Bartholomeus Cornelis   I12725
12 BOSSCHAART, Theodora Adriana  1915's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12753
13 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Josephina  1918's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I17234
14 BOSSCHART, Edmund Arthur  1876's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9749
15 BOSSCHART, Ernestine Françoise   I9702
16 BOSSCHART, Frederika Elize Christine Geertruida   I9708
17 BOSSCHART, Hubertus Johannes  1871's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9748
18 BOSSCHART, Johan August  1880's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9751
19 BOSSCHART, Nelly Francisca Catharina  1887's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9765
20 BOSSCHART, Samuel Henry  1878's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9750
21 BOSSCHART, Willem Frederik Marie  1894's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9693
22 BOSSCHART, Willem Jacobus  1882's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9752
23 CORPORAAL, Theodora Antonia  1879's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12751
24 DE LANG, Ernesta   I9871
25 HAAK, Margaretha   I26145
26 HAAK, Robert Adriaan   I26146
27 KORTEWEG, Hans   I12352
28 LOOIJENSTEIN, Wilhelmina Gerardina   I23686
29 SCHRAM, Simon  1922's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I23685
30 SCHRAM, Wilhelmina Gerardina   I23687
31 SMITH, Ingrid   I9948
32 van de KASTEELE, Reinier  1821's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9696
33 van den BARSELAAR, Carolina Johanna   I29586
34 van den BARSELAAR, Carolina Johanna   I29587
35 van den BARSELAAR, Cornelis Petrus   I14584
36 van den BARSELAAR, Hans   I14585
37 van den BARSELAAR, Johannes Bartholomeus  1882's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I29583
38 van den BARSELAAR, Johannes Petrus   I29588
39 VAN DEN BERGH, Cornelis  1854's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9837
40 VAN DEN BURG, Maria Francina  1833's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I1508
41 van der HOOGT, Hendrika Adriana  1907's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I25208
42 van ES, Arie  1907's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I26349
43 van EYS, Eric   I10608
44 VAN SANTEN, Christina Wijnanda   I9700
45 VAN SANTEN, Geertruida  1894's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9703


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BADER, Elisabeth  1947's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12722
2 BIK, Johanna Adriana  1972's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I29584
3 BOSSCHAART, Louis Henri Charles  1972's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12283
4 BOSSCHAART, Pieter  1971's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I23967
5 BOSSCHAERT, Ambrosius III  1621's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I19144
6 BOSSCHAERT, Anthonia Elisabeth  1934's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I26105
7 BOSSCHART, Adriana  1968's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9830
8 BOSSCHART, Amelia Rozalia Ludovica  1927's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9677
9 BOSSCHART, Constantinus Petrus  1900's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9678
10 BOSSCHART, Emily Catharina Theresia  1890's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9746
11 BOSSCHART, Johan August  1935's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9751
12 BOSSCHART, Maria Cornelia  1979's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9928
13 BOSSCHART, Mary Elisabeth  1941's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9747
14 CORPORAAL, Theodora Antonia  1939's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12751
15 de la BASSECOURT, Johanna Jacoba  1774's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9499
16 KOCH, Johan George  1907's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I25391
17 PHILIPS, Anton Frederik   I30288
18 POLLEN, Hubertina Petronella  1920's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9763
19 RUEDISULJ, Barta Cornelia  1944's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12281
20 SCHUURMAN, Bernarda Wilhelmina  1905's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9838
21 TUNING, Willem Gerard  1901's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9811
22 van den BARSELAAR, Johannes Bartholomeus  1918's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I29583
23 VAN GELDEREN, Maartje  1978's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I12727
24 WILLEN, Wilhelmina Maria Frederika  1908's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] I9697


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOSSCHAART / BADER  1915's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4212
2 BOSSCHAART / CORPORAAL  1906's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4222
3 BOSSCHAART / MOLEVELD  1959's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4181
4 BOSSCHAART / RIETBERGEN  1947's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4137
6 BOSSCHAART / UNTERHORST  1919's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4087
7 BOSSCHAART / VAN GELDEREN  1951's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F4213
9 BOSSCHART / van de KASTEELE  1893's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F3192
10 BOSSCHART / VAN SANTEN  1914's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F3196
12 BOSSCHART / WIJZENBEEK  1922's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F3198
13 POOT / 't HART  1732's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F8872
15 TUNING / BOSSCHART  1899's Gravenhage [ZH, NL] F3231
16 van den BARSELAAR / BIK   F10451


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID