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Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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's Gravenwezel [AN, BE]


Tree: W1 Bosschaerts Research Worldwide

State/Province : Latitude: 51.26292000000001, Longitude: 4.560960000000023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANTHONISSEN, Alphonsus  1914's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I17136
2 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1802's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13792
3 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1829's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15120
4 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1798's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7108
5 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1810's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13797
6 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1865's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14871
7 BOSSAERTS, Anna Cornelia  1802's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14617
8 BOSSAERTS, Anna Cornelia  1851's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14866
9 BOSSAERTS, Anna Maria  1828's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14845
10 BOSSAERTS, Carolina  1854's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14867
11 BOSSAERTS, Carolus  1833's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15122
12 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1803's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7110
13 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1825's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7048
14 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1830's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15121
15 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1807's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13795
16 BOSSAERTS, Gommarus  1806's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14618
17 BOSSAERTS, Isabella  1800's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14616
18 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1798's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14615
19 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1800's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7109
20 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1822's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14844
21 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Catharina  1804's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13793
22 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Maria  1818's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14805
23 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Franciscus  1805's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13794
24 BOSSAERTS, Josephina Paulina  1862's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14870
25 BOSSAERTS, Josephus  1833's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15123
26 BOSSAERTS, Ludovicus  1858's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14869
27 BOSSAERTS, Maria Catharina  1824's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I8547
28 BOSSAERTS, Maria Theresia  1820's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14806
29 BOSSAERTS, Maria Theresia  1821's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I8546
30 BOSSAERTS, Petrus  1808's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7111
31 BOSSAERTS, Petrus  1808's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13796
32 BOSSAERTS, Rosalia Catharina  1867's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14872
33 BOSSCHAERT, Maria Joanna Antonia  1832's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7876
34 BOSSCHAERTS, Alphonsus  1926's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I16279
35 BOSSCHAERTS, Alphonsus  1933's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15794
36 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria   I15798
37 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Virginia  1924's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I16278
38 BOSSCHAERTS, Augustinus Petrus   I16282
39 BOSSCHAERTS, Carolus  1908's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7061
40 BOSSCHAERTS, Eduardus  1905's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7060
41 BOSSCHAERTS, Franciscus   I16281
42 BOSSCHAERTS, Franciscus Ludovicus  1903's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7059
43 BOSSCHAERTS, Gustaaf  1938's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15795
44 BOSSCHAERTS, Juliënne   I15797
45 BOSSCHAERTS, Leopoldus   I7062
46 BOSSCHAERTS, Ludovicus  1927's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I16280
47 BOSSCHAERTS, Ludovicus Martinus   I16617
48 BOSSCHAERTS, Maria Julia  1901's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7058
49 BOSSCHAERTS, Mariëtte   I15796
50 BOSSCHAERTS, N.N.  1797's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6529

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Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BLOCK, Anna Catharina  1793's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14633
2 BOSSAERTS, Adriana  1769's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6953
3 BOSSAERTS, Adriana  1771's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6954
4 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1756's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14607
5 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1778's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6957
6 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1793's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14612
7 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1764's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13788
8 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1783's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6959
9 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1788's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13024
10 BOSSAERTS, Anna Elisabeth  1788's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14609
11 BOSSAERTS, Antonius  1774's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6955
12 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1753's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14606
13 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1791's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14611
14 BOSSAERTS, Egidius  1763's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6950
15 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1795's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14613
16 BOSSAERTS, Gabriël  1749's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6013
17 BOSSAERTS, Gummarus  1775's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6956
18 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1797's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14614
19 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1800's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7109
20 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Catharina  1767's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I12990
21 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Maria  1752's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14605
22 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1766's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13789
23 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1768's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6952
24 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1793's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7107
25 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Baptist  1790's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13017
26 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Baptista  1786's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6960
27 BOSSAERTS, Maria  1780's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6958
28 BOSSAERTS, Maria Anna  1790's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14610
29 BOSSAERTS, Maria Catharina  1750's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14578
30 BOSSAERTS, Maria Catharina  1786's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13023
31 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria  1765's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6951
32 CEULEMANS, Anna Maria Theresia  1796's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I8545
33 JOOSENS, Maria Theresia  1775's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14855
34 LODDEWIJKX, Maria Theresia  1766's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7106
35 MERTENS, Franciscus  1783's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14840
36 VAN LINDEN, Joanna  1766's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15142


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOSSAERTS, Adriana  1769's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6953
2 BOSSAERTS, Adriana  1799's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6954
3 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1778's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6957
4 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1822's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14607
5 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1783's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6959
6 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1854's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13797
7 BOSSAERTS, Anna Elisabeth  1790's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14609
8 BOSSAERTS, Carolina  1926's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14867
9 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1793's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14611
10 BOSSAERTS, Cornelius  1836's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14606
11 BOSSAERTS, Egidius  1826's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6950
12 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1844's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14613
13 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1876's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13795
14 BOSSAERTS, Gommarus  1797's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6800
15 BOSSAERTS, Gummarus  1852's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6956
16 BOSSAERTS, Isabella  1805's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14616
17 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1797's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14614
18 BOSSAERTS, Jacobus  1892's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14844
19 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Catharina  1878's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13793
20 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Maria  1752's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14605
21 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Maria  1861's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14805
22 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1805's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13021
23 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1816's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6952
24 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1837's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13789
25 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Baptista  1848's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6960
26 BOSSAERTS, Lambertus  1819's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6805
27 BOSSAERTS, Ludovicus  1880's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14869
28 BOSSAERTS, Maria  1866's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6958
29 BOSSAERTS, Maria Catharina  1802's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13023
30 BOSSAERTS, Maria Theresia  1820's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14806
31 BOSSAERTS, Maria Theresia  1853's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I8546
32 BOSSAERTS, Maria Theresia  1863's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14868
33 BOSSAERTS, Martinus  1794's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I13032
34 BOSSCHAERTS, Amelia Cornelia  1961's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7021
35 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Virginia  1925's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I16278
36 BOSSCHAERTS, Gustaaf  1938's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15795
37 BOSSCHAERTS, Joannes Ludovicus  1940's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7051
38 BOSSCHAERTS, Josephus  1974's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7056
39 BOSSCHAERTS, N.N.  1797's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I6529
40 CEULEMANS, Anna Catharina  1873's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29552
41 CEULEMANS, Anna Cornelia  1878's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29555
42 CEULEMANS, Anna Maria Theresia  1821's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I8545
43 CEULEMANS, Franciscus Joannes  1873's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29553
44 CEULEMANS, Franciscus Joannes  1895's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29556
45 CEULEMANS, Joannes Baptist  1835's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14852
46 CEULEMANS, Joannes Franciscus  1857's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14854
47 CEULEMANS, Maria Theresia  1886's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29558
48 CEULEMANS, Petrus Josephus  1810's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I29557
49 DE BEUCKELAER, Maria Stephania  1951's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I16944
50 DE BEUCKELEER, Anna Maria  1828's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I14843

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHAERTS, Alphonsus  2001's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15794
2 BOSSCHAERTS, Eduardus  1972's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7060
3 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Philomena Alphonsina  1996's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15518
4 BOSSCHAERTS, Josephus  1974's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I7056
5 BOSSCHAERTS, Julianus Maria  1990's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] I15218


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOSSAERTS / CEULEMANS  1821's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F2741
2 BOSSAERTS / CEULEMANS  1842's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4954
3 BOSSAERTS / DE BEUCKELEER  1822's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4950
4 BOSSAERTS / DE RIDDER  1788's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4855
5 BOSSAERTS / DENNIS  1748's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4840
6 BOSSAERTS / FRANS  1810's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4952
7 BOSSAERTS / GIJSELS  1805's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4942
8 BOSSAERTS / GYSELS  1850's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4963
9 BOSSAERTS / LODDEWIJKX  1792's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F2265
10 BOSSAERTS / LOVINFOSSE  1846's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4958
11 BOSSAERTS / VAN HESBEEN  1762's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4584
12 BOSSAERTS / VAN SANDEN  1751's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4854
13 BOSSAERTS / VERBERT  1762's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F2215
14 BOSSCHAERT / VAN MEULDER  1948's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F2403
18 BOSSCHAERTS / MICHIELSEN  1923's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5529
19 BOSSCHAERTS / ROMBOUTS  1923's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5826
21 BOSSCHAERTS / WOUTERS  1929's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5338
22 CEULEMANS / BOSSAERTS  1807's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4944
23 CEULEMANS / JOOSENS  1796's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4956
24 CORLAY / BOSSCHAERTS  1814's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4946
25 DE BACKER / BOSSAERTS  1894's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4973
29 DIERCKX / BOSSAERTS  1887's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4967
30 JORENS / BOSSAERTS  1800's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4315
31 MERTENS / BOSSAERTS  1810's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4948
32 MORTELMANS / BOSSCHAERTS  1924's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5831
33 PLASMANS / BOSSAERTS  1880's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4589
36 SPRUYT / BOSSAERTS  1825's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F2267
37 VAN CAMP / BOSSAERTS  1881's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4591
38 VAN DER VELDE / BOSSAERTS  1772's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5174
39 VAN DYCK / BOSSAERTS  1887's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4969
40 VAN GAENS / BOSSAERTS  1890's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4971
41 VAN REETH / BOSSAERTS  1771's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4615
42 VAN TILBURG / BOSSAERTS  1879's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4965
43 WUYTS / BOSSCHAERTS  1921's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F5339


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Getrouwd    Family ID 
1 CEULEMANS / BOSSAERTS  1807's Gravenwezel [AN, BE] F4944