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Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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Zele [OV, BE]



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHAERT, Josephus Petrus Maria  1891Zele [OV, BE] I8736
2 BOSSCHART, Albert Josephus Carolus  1890Zele [OV, BE] I8735
3 BOSSCHART, Albert Prosper Alfons  1886Zele [OV, BE] I8734
4 BOSSCHART, Albertina Rosalia Julia  1914Zele [OV, BE] I8727
5 BOSSCHART, Anna Antonia Rosalia  1885Zele [OV, BE] I8733
6 BOSSCHART, Bertha Antonetta Francisca  1895Zele [OV, BE] I8737
7 BOSSCHART, Gustavus Henricus  1897Zele [OV, BE] I8738
8 BOSSCHART, Henricus Carolus Albertus  1921Zele [OV, BE] I8730
9 DE GEYTER, Julia  1860Zele [OV, BE] I8732
10 HEIRMAN, Maria Mathilda  1891Zele [OV, BE] I8741
11 JANZEGERS, Michael Theodorus  1884Zele [OV, BE] I8752
12 PERSYN, Carolus Ludovicus  1843Zele [OV, BE] I3532
13 PERSYN, Catharina  1849Zele [OV, BE] I3738
14 PERSYN, Maria Constantia  Abt 1860Zele [OV, BE] I3740
15 PERSYN, Maria Sophia Joanna  1856Zele [OV, BE] I3739
16 PERSYN, Petrus  1847Zele [OV, BE] I3737
17 VAN COTTHEM, Catharina Victoria  1820Zele [OV, BE] I3736
18 VAN COTTHEM, Joanna Catharina  1818Zele [OV, BE] I3885
19 VAN COTTHEM, Ludgerius  1812Zele [OV, BE] I4029
20 VAN COTTHEM, Seraphinus  1796Zele [OV, BE] I3883
21 VERCAUTEREN, Augusta  1875Zele [OV, BE] I7237
22 VLASSENROOT, Anna Theresia  1795Zele [OV, BE] I3884


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 NELIS, Anna Catharina  1758Zele [OV, BE] I4022
2 VAN COTTHEM, Joannes Victorius  1791Zele [OV, BE] I4023
3 VAN COTTHEM, Seraphinus  1796Zele [OV, BE] I3883
4 VAN WIELE, Amelberga  Zele [OV, BE] I19127
5 VELDEMAN, Jacobus  1607Zele [OV, BE] I19125
6 VLASSENROOT, Judoca  1748Zele [OV, BE] I4018
7 VLASSENROOT, Judocus  1746Zele [OV, BE] I4014
8 VLASSENROOT, Levinius  1753Zele [OV, BE] I4020
9 VLASSENROOT, Petrus Jan  1750Zele [OV, BE] I4019


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHART, Henricus Guillielmus  Bef 1913Zele [OV, BE] I8698
2 NELIS, Anna Catharina  1848Zele [OV, BE] I4022
3 VAN COTTHEM, Joannes Augustinus  1827Zele [OV, BE] I4021
4 VAN MALDEREN, Maria Catharina  1831Zele [OV, BE] I4015
5 VLASSENROOT, Anna Theresia  1855Zele [OV, BE] I3884
6 VLASSENROOT, Judocus  1810Zele [OV, BE] I4014


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOSSCHART / DE GEYTER  1885Zele [OV, BE] F2802
2 NELIS / WOUTERS  1759Zele [OV, BE] F1385
3 PERSYN / VAN COTTHEM  1841Zele [OV, BE] F1232
4 VAN COTTHEM / NELIS  1790Zele [OV, BE] F1318