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Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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Rotterdam [ZH, NL]



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAUR, Maria Francisca  1809Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I15420
2 BICKER CAARTEN, Elisabeth Catharina Petronella Frederica  1801Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34193
3 BOSSCHAERT, Barbara  1559Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I1479
4 BOSSCHAERT, Jan  1727Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35618
5 BOSSCHAERT SCHULLER, Carel  1799Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34181
6 BOSSCHAERT SCHULLER, Elisabeth Christina Medina  1829Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34194
7 BOSSCHART, Adriana  1887Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9830
8 BOSSCHART, Agatha Maria Amelia Johanna  1904Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9841
9 BOSSCHART, Alida Hillegonda Maria  1905Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9823
10 BOSSCHART, Antoinette Danielle Louise Maria   I9945
11 BOSSCHART, Constant Pieter François  1910Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9842
12 BOSSCHART, Emily Catharina Theresia  1868Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9746
13 BOSSCHART, Ferdinand Florentinus  1884Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9764
14 BOSSCHART, Ferdinandus Martinus  1903Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9840
15 BOSSCHART, Jacobus Helenus  1864Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9743
16 BOSSCHART, Jeanne Marie  1868Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9744
17 BOSSCHART, Jolinda Geertruida Frederika   I9867
18 BOSSCHART, Julia  1878Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9825
19 BOSSCHART, Maria Cornelia  1885Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9829
20 BOSSCHART, Maria Wilhelmina  1913Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9852
21 BOSSCHART, Matthijs Gijsbertus  1862Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9742
22 BOSSCHART, Wilhelmina Gijsbertha   I9832
23 BOSSCHART, Willem Frederik  1895Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9831
24 DAVIES, Louisa Georgina  1858Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I33328
25 de BOOIJ, Catharina Maria  1935Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9877
26 DE WOLFF, Cornelis Gerrit  1875Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I28222
27 DE WOLFF, Johannes Hubertus  1871Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I33550
28 HAGERAATS, Theodora Adriana   I9943
29 HAPPEE, Wilhelmina Frederika  1862Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9827
30 MIJS, Ferdinand Pieter Constant   I9845
31 RÖPCKE, Johanna Elzelina Geertruida  1896Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9866
32 SCHULLER, Christiaan Willem  1754Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35968
33 SCHULLER, Christiaan Willem  1754Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34178
34 SCHULLER, Herman Henric  1775Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35980
35 SCHULLER, Woutherus Cornelis  1803Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34182
36 SPEIJERS, Maria Cornelia   I9955
37 STORM, Huyg Adriensz  1550Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I12794
38 VAN DEN BERG, Adriana Clasina  1858Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9826
39 van den BERG, Joannes Franciscus Gijsbertus  1919Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I11720
40 VAN DER SWALM, Agatha Johanna   I9868
41 van LADENSTEIJN, Pieternella Johanna  1873Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I28223


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHAART, Clasina  1730Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34176
2 BOSSCHAERT, Carel  1721Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34791
3 CONSTANT, Maria  1650Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I12923
4 CROOSWIJK, Nicolaas Jansz.  1702Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9895
5 KNOCK, Angelica Medina Johanna  1769Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34177
6 SCHULLER, Alberta Helena  1778Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35981
7 SCHULLER, Cornelia  1759Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35975
8 SCHULLER, Izaak Adrianus  1764Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35977
9 SCHULLER, Johanna Henrica Sabina  1796Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34180
10 SCHULLER, Johannes Julius  1762Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35976
11 SCHULLER, Wesselina Clasina  1792Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34179


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOCK, Maria Cornelia  1881Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9733
2 BOSSCHAERT, Jacob  1756Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34021
3 BOSSCHART, Anna Catharina  1880Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9734
4 BOSSCHART, Daniël  1964Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9926
5 BOSSCHART, Ferdinand Florentinus  1884Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9764
6 BOSSCHART, Ferdinand Martinus  1910Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9674
7 BOSSCHART, Gerrit Jan  1893Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9726
8 BOSSCHART, Helenus Jacobus  Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9927
9 BOSSCHART, Hubertus Leopold  1985Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9938
10 BOSSCHART, Jeanne Marie  1868Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9744
11 BOSSCHART, Johannes Hubertus  1922Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9739
12 BOSSCHART, Maria Wilhelmina  1955Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9852
13 BOSSCHART, Matthijs Gijsbertus  1923Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9742
14 BOSSCHART, Pieter Constant Leendert Hugo  1949Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9769
15 CROOSWIJK, Dirk  1820Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I27289
16 CROOSWIJK, Henricus Willem Cornelis  1827Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I27300
17 CROOSWIJK, Pieter  1812Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I27295
18 DAVIES, Eliza Maria  1911Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I33326
19 DAVIES, Samuel  1873Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9760
20 DE WOLFF, Cornelis Gerrit  1962Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I28222
21 KNOCK, Angelica Medina Johanna  1811Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34177
22 KNOCK, Wesselius  1793Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34175
23 MONCALEONO, Daisy   I31994
24 SCHAAP, Maria Wilhelmina  1924Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9767
25 SCHULLER, Alberta Helena  1841Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35981
26 SCHULLER, Christiaan Willem  1826Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35968
27 SCHULLER, Christiaan Willem  1826Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34178
28 SCHULLER, Cornelia  1823Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35975
29 SCHULLER, Herman Henric  1836Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35980
30 SCHULLER, Jan  1805Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35973
31 SCHULLER, Johannes Julius  1839Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35976
32 SMIT, Hillegonda  1945Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9822
33 van LAMZWEERDE, Hendrika Sybilla  1814Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35978
34 van OVERVELDT, Sabine Johanna  1764Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I35974
35 VAN WICHEN, Francisca Johanna  1911Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9839
36 WATTIMENA, Richard Bobby  2016Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I11980
37 ZONNE, Johanna Helena  1920Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I9851


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOSSCHAART, Clasina  1778Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34176
2 KNOCK, Wesselius  1793Rotterdam [ZH, NL] I34175


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BOSSCHAERT  1823Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F80
2 BOSSCHAERT / DEMEESTER  1789Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F76
3 BOSSCHAERT / van der LANEN  1755Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F12082
6 BOSSCHART / RÖPCKE  1918Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3253
7 BOSSCHART / SAUNDERS DAVIES  1867Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3206
9 BOSSCHART / VAN DIEPEN  1912Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3244
10 BOSSCHART / VAN WICHEN  1902Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3243
11 DE WOLFF / van LADENSTEIJN  1898Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F9983
13 JANSSEN / BOSSCHART  1936Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3290
14 KNOCK / BOSSCHAART  1763Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F11861
15 SCHULLER / KNOCK  1789Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F11862
16 van den BERG / BOSSCHART  1917Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F3252
17 VAN_DER_HEIM / BOSSCHAERT  1745Rotterdam [ZH, NL] F12094