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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Branch Details

Branch Details

Summary of the main branches in the Bosschaerts genealogy

The familyname Bosschaert is originally very strongly represented in the province of Antwerp; mainly in the cities of Antwerp and Lier and also in many cities in East and West-Flanders. In the course of the time one has established in the Zeeland, in the Betuwe (Gelderland) and in Amsterdam. Finally the family lives in many countries.

All our data is not (yet) linked. Hereby a survey of the main branches: I included the oldest generation with their family and a link to their genealogy to show their descandants.

High Summits, Deep valleys

Genealogy of Diericx Bosschaert, born ±1400, with 1.855 persons in 21 generations (1400-2004).

Wouter BOSSCHAERT, son of Dieric, was a butcher, born ±1425 and lived "bynnen Eekere in Vriesendonc". Wouter was married with Lysbeth VAN HAUBRAKEN. This is the first known generation of the noble branch of de Bosschaert (de Bouwel)'.

Research done by Anton A. Bosschaert.

Around Antwerp

Genealogy of an ancestor Bosschaerts, born ±1470, with 13.047 persons in 18 generations (1470-2006).

The missing first name of this ancestor is presumable Gielis, son of Jan (born around 1430, who lived in Lier and Boechout). He was married with Liesbeth Van Vinckelaer.
Their known sons were: Adriaen, Sebastianus (lived in Nijlen and Lier) and Gielis Bosschaerts (lived in Lier and Boechout).
In this large branch you also find the genealogy of Bosschaerts-Persyn and a research of the PERSYN branch that migrated from Lokeren to San-Antonio (Texas, USA).

Main research by Rudi Bosschaerts.

The islands Walcheren and Beveland

Genealogy of Pieter Bosschaert, born ±1530, with 1.675 persons in 16 generations (1530-2002).

Pieter BOSSCHAART was born in Goes in Zeeland around 1560, and died in Breda in 1595. He was married with Janneken CHRISTIAANS, native from Poperinge in West-Flanders.

This oldest generation was possible migrated to the Netherlands as a result of the Eighty Years' War. The islands Walcheren and Beveland were not fixed with the mainland. That’s why these islands were attractive for the expelled and suppressed people. It gave them a certain feeling of safety and security.

Research done by Wisse Bosschaart (born 1916) and Rogier Bosschaart.

Farmers in the Betuwe

Genealogy of Cornelis Bosschaert, born ±1570, with 12 generations (1580-2000).
Also a Genealogy of van Brummelen, before Bramhall and de Bromali di Masci, in 25 generations (1200-2003).

Cornelis was native from Woerden in the province of Utrecht.
His son Jan was married with Matje Jans van Nes, and remarried in 1659 with Lijsbeth Melissen.
In these branch we find residences like: Woerden, Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht. But the centre of gravity of these Bosschaert lineage is found in the Betuwe: the farmer population of Zoelmond and Beusichem. The origin of Cornelis is not known yet. He might have swerved to evade the war violence of the Eighty Years' War.

Research done by Anthony Johannes Bosschaert,
with additional info of Angelique Mulder and Dave Louws.

Along the banks of the Schelde

Genealogy of Joannes Bosschaert, born ±1600, with 380 persons in 15 generations (1600-1998).

Joannes was married in 1627 with Catharina CHRISTIAENSEN or BASTIAENSEN.
Joannes might be a son of Andries Bosschaert and Catharina Basseliers. Further investigation might confirm this lineage.
Their children: Joannes Baptist (1628) was a famous painter (married with Barbara Bisschop and remarried with Joanna De Bie), Elisabeth (1630), Cornelius (1631) was married with Maria Raevens, Catharina (1634), Quirinius (1636) and Joannes (1640).
Jan Bosschaert, the all-round-artist, is part of this genealogy.

Beveren and Doel

Genealogy of Franciscus Bosschaert, born ±1640, with 515 persons in 13 generations (1640-2002).

Franciscus (or sometimes Augustinus) lived in Beveren and Doel, and was married in 1662 with Elisabeth Janssens.
Their children: Adriana (1665-1690) was married in 1689 with Christianus Neyts, Augustinus (r1685-1749) married in 1704 with Huberta de Mans (1686-1742).
Further ancestors might probably be found in East- or West Flanders in stead of in Antwerp.


Genealogy of Pieter Bosschaert, born ±1570, with 64 persons in 5 generations (1570-1721).

Pieter Bosschaert had five children with an unknown woman: Tanneke (married in 1615 with Pieter Rutsiger), Lijntje (married in 1620 with Henri Joosten, and in 1626 with Israel Trouve), Johannes (married with Anneke Jans), Jacob (married with Pieter Gysberts van Nes) and Francijntje (married with Joost Joostenz.)
A nice piece of genealogy from Leiden and abroad.

Willebrordus, the painter

Genealogy of Wauthier Bosschaert, born ±1450, with 65 persons in 9 generations (1450-1745).

Wauthier Bosscharts was a treasure keeper in Zeeland, native from Vinckebroek in North-Brabant.
His son Petrus was married in 1498 with Quirini van der Eijck.
The painter Thomas Willebrordus Bosschaert (1613-1654) is part of this genealogy. He belonged to a later generation than P.P. Rubens, and had another style. He was most attracted with the elegant figurative language as it can be found on the paintings of Antoon Van Dyck. But Thomas Willebrordus became an independent creative painter, and was able to develop the base of Van Dijck in other ways.

Painters named Ambrosius

Genealogy of Ambrosius Bosschaert, born ±1500, with 70 persons in 7 generations (1515-1709).

Ambrosius is the ancestor of 7 generations with the first name Ambrosius. Most of them were well-known painters of flowers still lifes.
In this genealogy we marked all the Ambrosius and his descendants with a Roman number (exclusive for this genealogy). In reality the father and son are indicate as 'de Oude' (the Old) and 'de Jonge' (the Young), but it is very confusingly when de Jonge (the Young) becomes the oldest of the family.

Delft, ancient center of administration of the Netherlands

Genealogy of Jan Bosschaert, born ±1520, with 49 persons in 5 generations (1520-1634).

Jan Bosschaert, native of Antwerp, was married with (…) de la FLIE.
Their son Pieter was married with Hester Catalina de la Flie.

Research to our Ancestors

Genealogy of Guillaume Bouschart, born ±1370, with 9 persons in 4 generations (1370-1470).

Guillaume Bouschart, native from Boscara (Gerona, Catalonia, Spain), was married with Giacomelle de NEUFVILLE.
His son Bertrand established in 1422 in Antwerp, and was married with Anna de la MOTTE.

BOSSCHAERT in the city of Antwerpen and Beveren

Genealogy of Augustinus Bosschaert, born ±1610, with 21 persons in 4 generations (1614-1732).

Augustinus (r1614-1662) lived in Antwerp and Beveren, and was married in 1653 in Antwerp with Joanna DE JONCKHEER. Their children (all born in Beveren): Joanna (clergyman daughter S.D.Ma., 1654-1741), Cornelius (1658- 1702, married with Maria Van Havenberghe)

BOSSAERT in Ieper and its neighbourhood (Fund Merghelynck)

Genealogy of Noel Bossaert, born ±1520, with 850 persons in 15 generations (1520-2000)

Noel Bossaert lived in Poperinge. His son Guillaume married in 1570 with Passchine Claeys and later with Marie Tak.
Another son Maillard was married in 1585 met Margherite De Wulf.

Research done by Patrick BOSSAERT-DERACHE.

The branch of BOSSCHERT in Dordrecht

Genealogy of Lodewijck Bosschert, born ±1540, with 228 persons in 15 generations (1540-1991).

Lodewijck Bosschert had two sons: Willem (married in 1596 with Anneken Geritsdr. Van den Berg) and Sijmon.

Research done by Willem J. BOSSCHERT, Apeldoorn.

Another genealogy of BOSSAERT in Ieper and its neighbours

Genealogy of Joannes Bossaert, born ±1560, with 170 persons in 8 generations (1560-1813).

His son Mahien (r1590-1648 in Ieper) was married with Joanna De Voldere or De Scildere

Bossaerts in Halle (in Antwerpen) and neighbourhood

Genealogy of Michael Bossaerts, born ±1570, with 157 persons in 9 generations (1570-1893).

Michael was married with Aleijdis RUTTEN (r1570-1625 by the plague).
Their children (all born in Halle): Wouter (1601, married in 1642 with Elisabeth Dries Peeters), Michael (1608-1634, was married with Barbara Thomas), Petrus (1613-n1675, was married with Catharina Begoes), Nicolaes (born 1616, and married with Anna Hinckaerts), Jacobus (born 1619, married in 1647 with Margaretha Daelmans, and later in 1658 with Maria Steurs), Adrianus was married with Magdalena De Meyer.

Research of BOSSERS in Nieuw-Vossemeer in North Brabant (NL)

Genealogy of Michael Bossers, born ±1580, with 82 persons in 10 generations (1573-1862).

Michael Janssen BOSSERS was married with Appolonia JANS. Their children: Anna Machilse, Barbara Machielse, Anna, Anthonij Bossers and Machielse Tieleman BOSSCHAERT (married with Mecchelijnken Stoffels).

A small Bosschaert-branch from Antwerp

Genealogy of Gillis Bosschaert, born ±1590, with 84 persons in 9 generations (1590-1822).

Gillis (r1590-1640) was a shoemaker who lived in the city of Antwerp in the house named ‘de Coninck van Engelandt’, at the corner of the Keysersstraet and the Minnebroeders Ruy. He married in 1617 with Clara VERSTAPPEN. Their child Andreas was a shoemaker and tanner (born in 1626, married in 1669 with Elisabeth la Fort, remarried with Francijnken Mol.)

A Bosschaert branch from Wervik (in West-Fl.) and neighbours

Genealogy of Laurentius Bosschaert, born ±1590, with 2370 persons in 9 generations (1590-2002).

Laurentius was married with Antonina HUGHELOT. Their son Bernardus married in 1660 with Catharina Parret or Paret.

Research by Johan A.C. BOSSCHAERT, Roeselare.

A branch in Westerlo, probably originated from Antwerp?

Genealogy of a Bosschaert, born ±1620, with 380 persons in 11 generations (1620-2000).

In this Bosschaerts family from Westerlo was a large child deceased presumable caused by the plague epidemic in the period 1640-1650. Their children were eg.: Cornelius (1643-r1694) who was married in 1677 with Maria Van De Poel.

Research of BOUCHAERT in France

Genealogy of Boni Bousaert, born ±1640, with 98 persons in 12 generations (1640-1966).

Boni BOUSAERT was married with Josine CAPPELLE. Their 5 children were born between 1663 and 1677;
their son Bonaventure BOSSAERT (Wijtschate 1663, 1709) was married with Jacqueline Clement.

Research done by Christian BOUCHAERT, Hardelot, France.

A branch of Bosschaert from Pamel in Brabant

Genealogy of Judocus Bosschaert, born ±1660, with 403 persons in 11 generations (1660-2003).

Judocus lived in Pamel and Borchtlombeek in Brabant and was married in 1684 with Anna VIJVERMANS.
Their son Lambertus was baptized in Strijtem (1687-1750) and married in 1710 with Maria Jacoba Van Extraete.

Additional data obtained via Rita Van Isveldt.

In Nevele in East-Flanders lived also some Bosschaert

Genealogy of Judocus Bosschaert, born in 1680, with 195 persons in 10 generations (1680-1995).

Judocus was married with Jacoba THIENPONT. Their son Joannes was married with Livina Demeester.

A BOSSAERT branch from Wetteren (East-Flanders)

Genealogy of Antonius Bossaert, born ±1690, with 156 persons in 10 generations (1690-1999).

Antonius was married with Judoca BAUDEWIJNS.
Their son Judocus was born in 1716 and married in 1739 with Petronella De Bruyn.

BOSSCHAERT in Kieldrecht, de Klinge (B) and Clinge (NL) 

Genealogy of Joannes Baptist Bosschaert, born in 1696, with 269 persons in 10 generations (1696-1997).

Joannes Baptist (r1696-1747) was married in 1734 with Catharina BURMS. Later on she remarried with Petrus Van Herrewegh. Only their son had descendants: Marcus (1745-1784), he was married in 1772 with Maria Theresia Say.

A branch of BOSSCHAERTS in Turnhout

Genealogy of a Bosschaert, born ±1620, with .. persons in 8 generations (1700-1855).

He had 2 sons: Michael Bossarts married with Margaretha SIBBENS and Petrus Bosschaerts who was married with Petronella THOMAS.

A BOSSAER-branch from Zundert in North-Brabant (NL),
and several members migrated to Lier and the city of Antwerp

Genealogy of Joannes BOSSAER, born ±1720, with 76 persons in 5 generations (1720-1852).

Joannes was married with Catharina VAN DEN BERG. Some of their children: Petrus, weaver (r1746-1817, married with Anna Catharina Van Hael and remarried in 1787 with Anna Elisabeth Cuyvers).

A BOSSAERT-branch from Damme in West-Flanders

Genealogy of Petrus Bosschaert, born ±1720, with 22 persons in 4 generations (1720-1976).

Petrus, a landlord, was married with Isabella MICHIELS. Their son Robertus Josephus Ludovicus was married 4 times: with Anna Marie Moens, Isabella De Meulenaere, Isabella De Buck and with Regina Catharina Vesschemoet.

Bosschaert from Meerbeke & Denderwindeke (East-Fl.), later BOSCHAERT.

Genealogy of Petrus Bosschaert, born ±1720, with 71 persons in 10 generations (1720-1976).

Petrus was married with Adriana ANCKAERT. Their son Adrianus, pedlar (1757-1828) was married in 1778 with Maria Biltreys, in 1783 with Anna Maria De Doncker, and in 1788 with Maria Anna Lanckmans, spinner.

A Bossaert branch from Tielt in West-Flanders, later BOSSCHAERT

Genealogy of Franciscus Bossaert, born in 1830, with 84 persons in 7 generations (1830-1960).

Franciscus Bossaert, weaver, was born in Tielt, and lived in Mouscron. He was married with Rosalia DE VRIESE, spinner.
Some of their children: Louis Charles BOSSCHAERT, weaver (1855-1920) was married Marie Octavie Stoop, and later they moved to France.
Franciscus Bossaert is presumably born in 1830 to Tielt as the son of Joannes BOSSAERT (born in 1798 in Meulebeke) and Anna DESSYN (born in 1788 in Tielt).

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