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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Index additional webpages

Index of our additional webpages

Introduction A introduction of our genealogical research by the four main genealogists Bosscha(a/e)rt(s)
Explanation of Family names Some plausibel explanations of the family names Bosschaerts and Persyn.
Earliest traces

Two stories about Bosschaert (or Burchardus) as a forename, just informative.
    Bosschaert Forestier (692)          &     Bouchard d'Avesnes (1170-1244) 
Some persons or places with the name Bosschaert:
    counts Boscara in Spain (1370)    &    a feodality called 'Bosschaerts field' in France (1500)     

Oldest indications of our family name.

And Bosschaert, who was involved in the Murder of "Karel de Goede" (2 March 1127) 

Some old translated documents

Some old documents with their translation:
 -  The Notarial Archive of City of the city of Lier is a rich source of genealogical information:
    some acts from anno 1500 until 1800.
 -  In 1900 some Bosschaerts families from Sint-Joris-Weert in Belgium migrated to Wisconsin, USA.
    Three or four generations later, we have found a lot of relatives in America.

First Generations A summary of the main 32 branches in our research, with a link to their genealogy. 

Genealogy Bosschaerts- Persyn

via TNG

23 branches with the Familiename Bosschaert(s) or Bossaert(s) in Belgium. The oldest generations are found in the Flemish provinces: East- and West Flanders, Antwerp and Flemish part of Brabant.
9 branches of Bosschaert or Bosschaart the Netherlands, also Bosschert, Bossers or Bossaer.
The oldest generations are found in the provinces North Brabant, Sealand, South-Holland and Utrecht.
Some of our loose ends, which could not be linked yet.
Hint: the easiest way to search for a Bosschaert is, via the familyname of a relative.
Coats of Arms A summary of the coats of arms of the Bosschaert family, without using the heraldic terminology.
Known persons Some BV's (Known Dutch person) or BN's (Known person in the Netherlands) that we have found in our Bosschaerts family or relatives.
Painters Who knows Thomas Willebrordus Bosschaert (1613-1654) or Johfra Bosschart (1919-1998)?
The family of the painters of flower pieces: from Ambrosius I (v1515) until Ambrosius VI Bosschaert (1668).
Historical notes

City of Antwerp anno 1566 or Iconoclasm
The diamond industry in Nijlen

City of Lier from 700 AC until industrialisation
The brick industry in Boom
Statistics The geographical spread of the various notations of Bosschaert and Persyn in Belgium in NL.
Companies Summary of webpages of companies or persons named Bosscha(a/e)rt(s)
Places Summary of streets named after and places (castles) of (de) Bosscha(a/e)rt
Family Reunions Pictures of the several Family reunions of the Bosschaerts and Bossaerts family.
Links & Thanks Some hyperlinks, a summary of co-operators,
a research of Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) webpages at the internet.
In search of ? We are very interested in your additional information or corrections, (old) photographs, stories, etc.
You can directly send photos and documents.

© Rudi Bosschaerts, 2007
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