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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Known painters

Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Known painters

Biographies of Ambriosius I (b1515-b1587) & Ambrosius II Bosschaert (r1534-.)

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The branch of painters with the name Ambrosius BOSSCHAERT counts seven generations of Ambrosius.


Ambrosius I BOSSCHAERT is born before 1515 and died before 1587.

In this genealogy Ambrosius and his descendants with the name Ambrosius are indicate with a Roman number. This numbering is exclusive applicable for this genealogy. In reality the fathers and sons were indicate as ‘the Old’ and ‘the Young’, what is very confusingly when ‘the Young’ becomes the oldest of the family.


Ambrosius II BOSSCHAERT, is born in Antwerp around 1534.

In 1550 the Antwerp painter Herman VAN GINDRICK had a pupil called Ambrosius BOSSCHAERT, who became the next year a freemaster - painter. In 1552 Willekens Bosschaert was a pupil of Ambrosius.

Ambrosius was a flower painter.
Today presumably only one painting of Ambrosius (II) remains: a mural in the chapel of the Holly Ignatius in the church of the Holly Carolus Borromeus in Antwerp. In the ‘Collection of Epitaphs in the province of Antwerp’ published by J.E. Buschmann in Antwerp in 1873, this mural is described as: ‘A painting proposing the Eucharist, decorated with two angels and surrounded by flowers and fruit, made by Bosschaert, the Old ‘ D.D. F.A.J. van den Broeck, III pastor huius ecclesiae MDCCCXXII’.

Ambrosius III (named ‘The Old’) lived from 1573 until 1621.
He worked exclusively in Middelburg, Utrecht and Breda.
He consequently can not be the painter of this painting in Antwerp, as referred to. The monument itself dates from 1822.

In the accounts of the Guild of St.-Luke of Antwerp in 1588/89, Ambrosius II is named as ‘onsen busmeester’ and in the same document he is also mentioned as painter. But he is already mentioned earlier as ‘onsen teghenwoordigen busmeester’.
The reliable function of ‘beheerder van de gelden der onderlinge ondersteuningsfondsen’ (secretary of the mutual supports funds) was not for young members: Ambrosius Francken (42 y.), B. De Momper (53 y.) en Jacob Van De Weyere (± 50y.), all three ‘busmeester ende oudtdeken’ (busmaster and old-dean). Nicolaes Bloemsteen, glazier, became or was a ‘busmeester’ in 1589 (older than 60 years).

Ambrosius was married in Antwerp church of O.L.V.) on 19 November 1575 with Janneke VAN DE MORAS.

Eucharist, decorated with two angels and surrounded with flowers and fruit.

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